Director / Producer
For ETH Zurich’s Cybathlon and MINT & Pepper workshops we tell the true story of Hitzi, ambassador for CYBATHLON@school. It's purpose is to raise awareness among students and teachers about the challenges people with physical disabilities face every day, promote inclusion and inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM disciplines.

Production Year: 2020; Clients: ETH Zurich Cybathlon, MINT & Pepper; Director: Marwan Abdalla Eissa, Frederic Siegel; Concept: Team Tumult & Cornelia Vecellio; Producer: Marwan Abdalla Eissa; Consulting: Cornelia Vecellio; DoP: Florian Winkler; Camera Assistant: Peter Siggs; Gaffer: Simon Wottreng; Editor: Marwan Abdalla Eissa; Animation & Illustration: Frederic Siegel, Hannes Oehen, Daniel Harisberger; Grading: Adriel Pfister; Production Manager; Alex Biondi; Voice Actor: Simon Hitzinger; Sounddesign: Nico Kast; Voice Recordings: Jakob Eisenbach
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