Official Trailer for "The Lonely Orbit", a short film about satellites, friendship and modern communication by Frederic Siegel & Beni Morard, produced by Marwan Abdalla Eissa & Team Tumult.
9'22" / 2D Computer Animation / Cinemascope 2K / Switzerland 2019
Leaving for his dream job, a satellite technician keeps solitude at bay by constantly texting with his old friends. After neglecting his duties a satellite leaves its orbit which causes the worlds network to collapse.
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Production Year: 2019, Directors: Frederic Siegel & Benjamin Morard, Producer: Marwan Abdalla Eissa, Production: Team Tumult,
Co-Producer: Swiss Radio and Television, Gabriela Bloch-Steinmann, Music: Luc Gut, Norman Chambers, Geva Alon
Layout: Nico Kast, Frederic Siegel
Animation: Frederic Siegel, Benjamin Morard, Nina Christen, Justine Klaiber, Estelle Gattlen, Sounddesign & Mix: Thomas Gassmann, Kilian Vilim
Foley: Dieter Hebben Supported by Federal Office of Culture, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Canton Zug, Canton Obwalden, The City of Baar
Promotion: SWISSFILMS, Distribution: Bonobo Studio
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